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Craft Beer Requires Custom Coverage

By February 10, 2021April 14th, 2022No Comments
Craft Beer Requires Custom Coverage - Close-up of Many Beer Glasses

In Cincinnati, beer is practically in our blood. In the 1800’s Cincinnati produced so much beer that it became known as the “Beer Capital of the World.” The surrounding areas were no exception. In addition to being notorious for bourbon, Kentucky has been home to some of the country’s largest breweries throughout the years. Craft breweries are thriving in Greater Cincinnati once again and we aren’t chasing a trend, we are returning to our roots.

Today’s microbreweries no longer face the risk of being busted for bootlegging, but there are other liabilities to consider. Adkisson Insurance Agency has solutions to help local brewers comply with regulations, protect their businesses, and get back to brewing.

Protecting your equipment. Unless you are brewing in your bathtub, there are a lot of moving parts to your operation. Tanks, pumps, filtration systems, and labeling machines are not only expensive to replace, but they also aren’t always available on short notice. In the event of tank leakage or collapse, the right coverage can be the difference between days of lost revenue or a mild inconvenience.

Protecting your product. Too many businesses fail to see the importance of insuring the food and drink they are serving. As much as you try to monitor the quality of your product and how it is made, some situations are beyond your control. You don’t want to be in hot water if you unknowingly deliver hops infested with aphids or a prolonged power outage ruins a batch in progress.

Protect yourself. When you are the primary problem solver for your business, it’s hard to remember that you personally do not have to solve every problem. If your brewery is closed for an extended period of time, don’t take on the added stress of replacing your personal income. Business Income and Expense insurance can cover your pay so that you can fully focus on reopening. Remember, insuring yourself for the future is insuring your business as well. Your business depends on you!

Our love of beer has endured the test of time and we want to make sure that your brewery does the same. Any insurance carrier can offer General Liability coverage, but if you take brewing as seriously as we do, you need an industry knowledgeable expert to create the unique recipe for your success. Give us a call at 859-341-2663.